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Traditional Dance Classes

St Tabitha


We are delighted to present our dance class for a second consecutive year!

The Filoptochos is organizing a class of traditional dances for everyone who is interested to take upon an activity and combine exercise with entertainment.

There are classes for adults, both women and men are welcome!

Since this year, we are kindly offering a class for the children of the Greek School of St Peter & Paul from the age of 5 as for any other children who wish to participate. Join us to learn traditional dances from different regions of Greece and Cyprus and enjoy our culture and entertainment.

Introduce yourself to dancing syrtaki, kalamatiano, syrto, malevizioti, susta, makedoniko and many more. Take up the opportunity for a live performance on our celebrations and activities. We would love you to dance with us!

Come and join us every Monday:

1730 – 1830 Cildren (from 5 years old upwards)

1830 – 1930 Adults

Classes are taken place in our Community Hall and are free of charge.

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Traditional Dance Classes
Traditional Dance Classes

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